Search Fields

The PLOS Search Fields are mostly self explanatory, though some names have special suffixes:

  • Fields ending with _date require a beginning date/time and an end date/time
  • publication_date:[2009-12-07T00:00:00Z TO 2013-02-20T23:59:59Z] searches the range Dec 7, 2009 to Feb 20, 2013 and, because of the requested timestamps (between the T andZ), includes content published during either of those days
PLOS Search Field NameDescriptionNote
idDOI (Digital Object Identifier)Extended for partial documents
everythingAll text in the articleIncludes Meta information
titleArticle Title
title_displayArticle TitleFor display purposes only
alternate_titleAlternative Title
authorAuthorCan have multiple values
author_displayAuthorFor display purposes only
author_without_collab_displayAuthorFor display purposes only. All the authors except for collaborative authors
author_collab_only_displayAuthorFor display purposes only. Collaborative authors only
abstractAbstract section
abstract_primary_displayAbstract sectionFor display purposes only. Primary abstract only
introductionIntroduction section
materials_and_methodsMaterials and Methods section
results_and_discussionResults and discussion section
conclusionsConclusions section
supporting_informationSupporting Information section
referenceReference sectionCan have multiple values
bodyMost sections of the articleWithout Abstract or References
publication_datePublication DateRequires start and end date
received_dateReceived DateRequires start and end date
accepted_dateAccepted DateRequires start and end date
journalFull Journal Name
article_typeArticle Type
subjectSubject CategoryCan have multiple values. The most recent subject categories are listed at the PLOS ONE taxonomy.
subject_level_1Subject CategoryCan have multiple values. Contains only the top level subjects. The most recent subject categories are listed at the PLOS ONE taxonomy.
eissnelectronic ISSN
pissnprint ISSN
elocation_idElectronic LocationUsed by Pub Med Central
journal_id_pmcJournal ID at PMCUsed by Pub Med Central
journal_id_nlm_taJournal ID at NLMUsed by the National Library of Medicine
journal_id_publisherPublisher of this JournalShort identifier
publisherPublisher of this ArticleFull name
pagecountTotal number of pagesNot all articles have page count
editorEditorCan have multiple values
editor_displayEditorFor display purposes only.
affiliateAffiliateCan have multiple values
author_notesAuthor Notes
competing_interestCompeting Interest Statement
financial_disclosureFinancial Disclosure Statement
counter_total_allTotal views, all time
counter_total_monthTotal views, last 30 days
timestampTime of last index
copyrightcopyright-statementcopyright information
figure_table_captionFigure and table captions
PLOS-specific indexes for articles that appear in multiple journals
cross_published_journal_nameCross Published Journal Name
cross_published_journal_keyCross Published Journal Key
cross_published_journal_eissnCross Published Journal EISSN