Announcing the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API

We’re pleased to announce that the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API is now available! Since March 2009, we’ve been aggregating metrics for every article with the PLoS Article-Level Metrics application and displaying the data on articles published at PLoS. Now the Article-Level Metrics API is available for the community to retrieve the same data and to create mash-ups with the metrics. If you’ve entered the PLoS/Mendeley Binary Battle, this is also an additional source to use along with the PLoS Search API.

Data that can be retrieved from the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API for every PLoS article include:

For more information, see the Article-Level Metrics API and Using the Article-Level Metrics API.

The Solr Schema for the PLoS Search API is Available

A copy of the Solr schema for the PLoS Search API is now available at:

10 Free Cloud Servers from NephoScale Cloud Computing

NephoScale Cloud Computing will provide ten CS1 Cloud Servers to participants of the Mendeley/PLoS API Binary Battle.  The servers will be available until December 15th 2011 for all selected applicants.  If you have signed up for the API contest and need a hosting environment, email NephoScale ( with details about:

  • How your app will make science more open
  • Your project name
  • Your operating system
  • Your affiliation
  • Why your entry deserves to be selected for a NephoScale Cloud Server.

Here’s what Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale, said about why they are supporting this contest:

“we want to remove any barriers to entry in this API contest so that developers, some of who may be working in academia, can get creative and build apps that make science more open”.