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Eating the PLOS API Dogfood

The PLOS ALM API is used by the PLOS journal websites, ALM Reports, and the PLOS Search indexer, altogether more than 8 million API requests every month. Martin Fenner wrote a post on his work with the PLOS ALM API. He talks about making an API that is simple, fast, and fun to use.

Example Visualizations using the PLOS Search and ALM APIs

The Search API is a great tool to find interesting PLOS articles, and the ALM API can then collect metrics about these articles. Using the R statistical programming language is one of the easiest ways to look at these metrics. Below are a few example visualizations, the source code to all of them can be found in the plosOpenR Github repository.

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The Solr Schema for the PLoS Search API is Available

A copy of the Solr schema for the PLoS Search API is now available at: