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Science Hack Day San Francisco

We’re excited to be a sponsor for Science Hack Day SF. The event is the weekend of November 12-13 at The Institute For Applied Tinkering in San Francisco.  Check out all the cool ideas, APIs and datasets for the hack session.


Announcing the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API

We’re pleased to announce that the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API is now available! Since March 2009, we’ve been aggregating metrics for every article with the PLoS Article-Level Metrics application and displaying the data on articles published at PLoS. Now the Article-Level Metrics API is available for the community to retrieve the same data and to create mash-ups with the metrics. If you’ve entered the PLoS/Mendeley Binary Battle, this is also an additional source to use along with the PLoS Search API.

Data that can be retrieved from the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API for every PLoS article include:

For more information, see the Article-Level Metrics API and Using the Article-Level Metrics API.

The Solr Schema for the PLoS Search API is Available

A copy of the Solr schema for the PLoS Search API is now available at: