API Display Policy

PLOS supports the development of applications for the web, desktop or mobile devices that incorporate the data returned from the PLOS Search API or PLOS Article-Level Metrics API (“PLOS APIs”). Developers are welcome to make use of the data returned from the PLOS APIs and we ask that you indicate that the data originated from PLOS .

Depending on how you use the data returned from the PLOS APIs, there are two ways to refer to PLOS in your application:

1. Displaying the PLOS Data

If you plan to display the data returned from the PLOS API as plain-text search results, then the text “Data Provided by PLOS” must be placed within close proximity to the data retrieved through the PLOS API. The text “Data Provided by PLOS” must always be clearly legible.

PLoS Search Results

For an example, try out the Author Search example.

2. Building an Application from the PLOS Data

If you wish to associate your application with PLOS and use PLOS branding, you must first ask us to evaluate the usefulness and technical capability of your application. If, in our sole discretion, we find that your application meets our requirements, you may then display one of the PLOS Buttons below alongside your application.

We may consider adopting exceptional apps into our own product portfolio. PLOS publicly credits the developer(s) of applications incorporated into PLOS’ product portfolio and brands those apps as official PLOS applications. For an example of such an official app, see http://blogs.plos.org/everyone/2010/06/15/plosipadapp/.

Please submit your app to community@plos.org for review and branding consideration.

General Rules

  • No Modification: The PLOS logo and brand elements may not be modified in any way unless you have obtained written permission from PLOS .
  • No Misleading/Disparaging Use: Use of the PLOS logo and brand elements must be truthful, fair, and not disparaging to PLOS or its products and may not create a false sense of origin, sponsorship, or association with PLOS or PLOS’ products, services, or technology.
  • For more information please consult our Trademark Policy and Terms of Use. All uses of the PLOS API must be in compliance with the Terms of Use and all uses of any PLOS trademarks or logos must be in compliance with the Trademark Policy.

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