Eating the PLOS API Dogfood

The PLOS ALM API is used by the PLOS journal websites, ALM Reports, and the PLOS Search indexer, altogether more than 8 million API requests every month. Martin Fenner wrote a post on his work with the PLOS ALM API. He talks about making an API that is simple, fast, and fun to use.

2 responses to “Eating the PLOS API Dogfood

  1. This stuff is not working at all. I can not login to alm site with my plos account. It gives me 500 internal error. Also none of your examples on this site works. Is this Api not available anymore?? I have wasted 30 mins to get an api key but nothing is working..sooo disappointing

  2. just an interested reader

    Unfortunately, none of the examples provided on the following page seems to work:

    Tested on May 18, 2015.

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